Break a Sweat To This, or How I Learned To Stop Watching Bravo (at the gym)

I'm a runner. I've been running since I was fourteen. From my high school days of oversized, ill-fitting cross country uniforms with prerequisite bad bangs to twenty six years later when I lost the bangs but did some major damage to my knee, I've been running and running. Surgery was the answer to my knee injury and now I'm still waiting for the healing to allow me back on those mean streets. 

I had to find a way to wait it out until my leg was ready to run again. The elliptical wasn't doing it for me. I did catch up on every episode of "Vanderpump Rules" without even wanting to do so. I think that show just follows you (ok, fine, me) from one elliptical machine to the next one and then straight back into your living room. Let's just say for the past couple of months I was ellipticalling through a Bravo-induced daydream barely breaking a sweat.

Then I decided to try spin class. I hated it. I was out of breathe and sweating. That's when I knew I had found my temporary replacement for running. Basically the lesson I learned is that you will probably get the best workout anywhere that you don't have Bravo programming in front of your face. You always somehow get wrapped up in Stasi's drama and forget that you're supposed to be actually breaking a sweat.

So here's the mix I made for myself on Soundcloud for when I lift weights and do core/abs workouts.

Tip:  If you want to watch "Vanderpump Rules" on the elliptical you can always put the gym TV in that closed captioned mode and listen to this mix in your earbuds. I bet Jax would totally work out to it. As would Stasi, I think...