Why You Need a Theme Song, and It Is Ok If You Choose One By Bobby Shmurda

Last night my friend made the best decision of 2015 so far when she dumped her deadbeat boyfriend. Then she made the best morning-after decision when she woke up and chose her breakup theme song. (If you're curious a) she gave me permission to use her love life as an anecdote for my blog and b) her music selection was "Try Harder Than That" by Meghan Linsey.) Listening to that song on repeat on the subway was certainly not a panacea to all of her breakup emotions. However, it put her on the right track to moving on and further proved my case for why we all need theme songs to get through life. 

When I start out the school year with my students, I make them write out their top three goals for my class (U.S. History!) and then they need to pick a theme song that will inspire them to reach them. This year a lot of them chose Bobby Shmurda (not exactly the idea I was going for) but they made the case that his music got them "fired up to learn" so I allowed it. 


So what's YOUR theme song? Here are some possible moments in your life when a THEME SONG could come in handy:

1. The commute to work BEFORE you get coffee because you are always late and don't have time to make it. (I favor any songs with the mellifluous vocal stylings of Michael McDonald. )

2. Walking into a job interview. (You can add some irony to it and play 9 To 5.)

3. Walking into work to quit your job. (Don't play Take This Job And Shove It. You can do better than that.)

4. Heading out on a first date with someone you met online (which often feels like you are walking yourself straight to the guillotine so try to keep your head up (haha) and choose something a little more uplifting or some French rap)

5. You are in the mood to be in a moody mood and you aren't going to let anyone cheer you up for the next 48 hours. (I'd suggest Portishead but I overdosed on those jams in the late 90's and not sure if you or I should go down that path again.)

6. You are angry and want to add more ire to your fire. (This is a go-to for that.)

7. You are happy and want to get happier (Don't play Happy. That's all I ask of you. Or Love Shack. Also, don't play those songs if you want me to dance at your wedding.)

8. You want to get motivated to work out (It's ok that it is still that Justin Bieber/Nikki Minaj mega-hit Beauty and the Beat from three years ago. If you are ready to let go of that one, I highly recommend Run the Jewels)

NOTE: I tend to enjoy listening to Everything She Wants as my general theme song in life. The lyrics don't apply AT ALL to my me (in case you were wondering) but I just like the song...even if it makes no particular sense at all...like using Bobby Shmurda's music to fuel your school motivation.

What other moment/song pairings am I missing? Comment below!