A Springspiration Playlist, and a Multiple Choice Question To Determine If This Music Might Suit Your Mood

My apologies for the multiple choice format but I'm a social studies teacher so it's my default line of questioning. 

This Springspiration mix will suit your mood if:

a) You live in NYC or other places where it's not spring at all yet.

b) All you want is for spring to descend upon you with its warm, tulip-blooming breezes.

c) Instead your slush covered duck boots (that you responsibly bought back in late October so proud of your adult decision to plan ahead even though you had such big dreams that it would be a mild winter this round) laugh at you & your stupid Smart Wool socks every morning when you dip your feet back in them for the 50th time. They say: "Ha, ha. You thought this winter would be different. You have seasonal amnesia. It's always cold and snowy every winter."

d) You like music inspired by spring arriving and winter departing so you can stuff those boots where the sun doesn't shine: a storage space. 

e) All of the above.

Answer: e) All of the above. But if you selected other choices you can still enjoy the mix!